Date: November 30 - December 1, 2018

Photo by Lena Rogy 

Alex Miller

This piece touches on the loneliness that our modern society has generated through technology, specifically app-dating culture and the fruition of "ghosting."

Photo by Christopher Owen

Hailley Lauren

Left Hand Path

This piece explores the use of dance as a means of invocation. I am interested in the harnessing of energy that occurs when movement is fully expressed physically and with a specific purpose as a means to transcend this plane of existence and enter into the next. Finding the space between worlds is where the magic happens. This piece is a collaboration between myself, composer Cody Cook and animator Sebastian Bisbal.

Photo by Christopher Owen

Rachel Hanlon

The work I am creating is an exploration of energy and flow. It is a study in the subtle shifts in our experience and how we redirect our energy. I’m curious about how we remain grounded yet malleable in a constant state of flux.

Photo by Lena Rogy

Mark Stewart

Practice this:
Do not name what you see or hear. Do not assign a value to what you perceive. Only see and hear and smell and feel and realize you exist in the same space as what you perceive.

Photo by Christopher Owen

Lindsey Taylor

The Final Moments of Isadora Duncan

Google it.