November 8-9, 2019 @ 8:00pm


6807 Santos St.
Austin, TX 78741

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Zatero Dance

You first... is a movement exploration committed to defining space and exploring how our spacial restrictions have an impact on our relationships with others. Our movement has been influenced by the dynamic shifts in music, and the challenge of a 4x4 surface area.

Justin Sherburn

Justin Sherburn is a pianist, composer, and producer.  His collaborative “Montopolis” combines music performance with projected imagery and storytelling themed around ecosystems in Texas.  MONTOPOLISMUSIC.COM

Darla Johnson

A Bittersweet Descent
Acquiring strength to ascend and defy gravity, the dancer knows she is in the right place and time. Her power is sublime. Ego’s taunt and the psyche begins to shatter into injury. Acceptance.

New Genesis

This piece is about being an individual that only relies on themselves to fight through pain and struggle, even when the relationships they have in their life can be their strength. It's about breaking stubbornness and allowing others to help you and realizing you are not alone.

Stephanie Patrick

Early Era Collective unites dance and spoken word to explore the words we live by. With urban fusion dance styles soundtracked by live slam-style poetry, we question a phrase that threads through our culture.

Courtney Thier

We all live tangled and confusing lives. They can be interesting and ever changing as we become who we are today. Sometimes our stories overlap, intertwine, and collide with each other, showing us that we all are growing and moving towards an unknown. And we are doing so together.

Roman Morgan

“Enter Rupt Shun” is a dance examining the daily activities of two people who may or not know one another, while acknowledging that life is a constant interruption of itself.

Jennifer Trigo

“A journey into the unknown
being carried by sound
- bridging gaps in
for those that surround.”