Date: October 5 - 6, 2018

Photo by Jamie Massaro 

Alexa Capareda

Accumangulation:a made-up word and a made-up dance

accumulation: something that has accumulated or has been accumulated // the action or process of accumulating something: the state of being or having accumulated // increase or growth by addition especially when continuous or repeatedangulation: the action of making angular // an angular position, formation, or shape

Photo by Jamie Massaro

Sandie Donzica and Fran├žois Minaux (Corps Multiple)

Corps Multiple will perform an excerpt of _(UN)ROOTED_ that will be presented at The VORTEX December 13-15, 2018.

We create researched experimental scenic improvisations, based on intimate experiences from people around us, as well as human psychology and behavior. We strive to develop artistic evenings crossing genres and disciplines to produce eclectic, spontaneous and intriguing contemporary works in order to touch the senses, emotions and thoughts of the audience.We are using contemporary dance, live music, poetry and improvisation, in a symbiotic way.

Photo by Jamie Massaro

Lisa Kobdish

Conceptually, this is a casual and salty peek into the inner state of chaos both my thoughts and body confront when contemplating a most horrifying of ends. Confining such a large worry into such a small box may shine some light on things, who knows? Projections of chaotic movement from above, below, and all around will add a background layer for my movement which may both reflect and defy the imagery.

Photo by Jamie Massaro

Sarah Wingfield and Marilyn Connelly

Sarah Wingfield and Marilyn Connelly collaborate to explore color fields. Pulling inspiration from visual artists such as Mark Rothko, Carlos Cruz Diez, James Turrell, and Olafur Eliasson, this improvisational score and projection are designed around the concepts and theories provided by color field artists from the 1950's and 60's to the present.

Photo by Jamie Massaro

Sarah Annie Navarrete

Two bodies, in repetitive motion, exploring subtleties of energetic traction mixed with mechanical interplay.

Photo by Jamie Massaro

Clay Moore

Monarch - Capturing the beauty of a delicate butterfly. Showing power of one, growing and taking flight. Representation of king and queen.