Kelsey Oliver

cello + dance stuck in a square

Jun Shen (Sunny)

Something happened naturally
No right or wrong
It could be the beginning of a beautiful thing
Or just a wonderful experience
However, ...

Yelena Konetchy

BLOOM - A dance film directed by Yelena Konetchy.

In a modern, overly-trinketed living room, a child tinkers with her various excessive collections. The space is repositioning around her, sculpted by a task-consumed group of personas, intersecting each other’s pathways in perfect, non-colliding harmony. Several realities are existing in conjunction. The child is left to question which of these realities will ultimately serve her.

Marilyn Connelly

My piece is an exploration of the nuances and transitions between platonic and romantic intimacy

Mysti Pride

My Okay Corral - solo performed by Hannah Woolridge

Kayur Patel

The performance is centered around the concept of performing, and using the stage as a place to practice authenticity. It focuses on the journeys of four people who show their story of fear, struggle and success throughout their lives. I am trying to use the stage as a place for people to be themselves rather than the actors or performers who initially get on to create a show.

Annette Voltaggio-Christopher

As a first timer to the Seam Project, I discovered, first, that it’s all about the space or lack thereof. So I just went with that idea. I’d like the piece to have the feel of a dance set in a conventional space. However the space is influencing all our choices within this duet, and defining our relationship.  This 48” square has become a third character; the box that confines us and how we interact/react to it.