Date: 8pm on Saturday, September 15th

Photo by Jamie Massaro 

Yvonne Keyrouz and Emily Rushing

For their second collaboration together, Yvonne and Emily are exploring the illusion of a larger landscape within a small space, drawing inspiration from clouds and oceans and the dichotomy between feeling grounded/not grounded, out of control/in control, balanced/imbalanced.

Rosalyn Nasky

Rosalyn Nasky continues to explore her interests in shape, suspense, and specificity. Her hope for Seam Project is to create work that is thought-provoking as well as inclusionary, where anyone can experience the details and fill in their own meaning.

Photo by Jamie Massaro

Taryn Lavery

Taryn Lavery is excited to be creating for Seam Project’s first 4x4 performance. She is collaborating with composer Michael Brown on a solo dance work. This piece is being created through open conversations between the two artists where each is given direct engagement with the other’s medium — freeing themselves from attachments and allowing new undercurrents to reveal themselves through each phase of the dance and music making process.

Photo by Jamie Massaro

Yvonne Keyrouz and Judd Farris

Yvonne Keyrouz and Judd Farris continue their work 'Neap Tide' in which they seek to exemplify the awareness needed for change to take place, the pain that often accompanies growth, the transcendence found in vulnerability, and the wonder that comes with transformation

Photo by Jamie Massaro

Katie Gunderson

My project has turned into a duet with Ally Morales. The space confinement in this project is leading us to explore our personal boundaries. We are investigating the act of sharing personal space.