September 13-14, 2019 @ 8:00pm


1110 Falcon Ledge Dr.
Austin, TX 78746

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Zain Hussain

Zain Hussain is a Pakistani American stand-up comic, filmmaker, and occasional snake charmer who resides in Austin, Texas

Veronica DeWitt

My approach to aerial dance is a duet between playfulness and logic. People invented aerial vocabulary, so why can’t I also invent? I can!  By studying theories of how to safely wrap my body in aerial equipment (fabric, trapeze, rope, hammock ect.), I can create new and exciting pathways to traverse. Not going by route gives me the opportunity to stop, observe what is happening with the equipment, and make a creative choice.  In the piece I’m presenting, I took one move and made an entirely different entrance (or beginning) than what I was originally taught about 10 years ago at the beginning of my aerial training. It goes to show me that I have to learn the rules to be able to go beyond them and possibly even make some of my own.

Bryan Felker

Brian Felker is a musician/composer/multi-instrumentalist based in Austin Texas. He regularly performs with with several projects around the Austin area as well as nationally. His arrangements and projects span multiple genres and are unified by his propensity for improvisation and virtuosity.

Amberlee Cantrell

This piece explores all of the noise that is bombarding us everyday. With each news feed, we have stories that are sad, traumatizing, heart warming, funny, hilarious, off color, and all others in between. We are almost numb to all of it with each scroll because of the pace with which we are expected to change our emotions and feelings.